The National Secondary School ’Comandante Peixoto Correia’
Nowadays, Escola III Nível Comandante Kassanji

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 Benguela's Secondary School

Benguela's Secondary School was renamed to ‘Comandante Peixoto Correia’ on March 15th, 1967, due to a Council order from April 9th, 1966 - La Lis Battle's anniversary - that runs thus:

The designation of patrons for important works, which aims to pay adequate and lasting tribute to individualities, whose strenuous and unselfishly sacrificed life of work in favour of the Nation's elevation was a model for contemporary and posterity, constitutes salutary and eminently patriotic principle, that has been consecrated via an extended tradition in all areas of the national territory. [...]

But the secondary school was more than just literature. A short way off there was the Frango Imperial esplanade, with fresh passion fruit juice or a Veneza ice-cream. But look out! Not everybody was allowed to leave the schoolyard, even in a free period!

 The VCC, the Vento Novo, the L.13 L.13, the freshman initiation rituals, etc...etc...etc...

Vento Novo was the wall newspaper. It was strategically placed between the boys' and the girls' yard, but this was only an apparent equidistance, because the editorial office was at the boys' yard and it was controlled by the VCC - The Veterans' Club, always worried about making the secondary school look appealing. In a spark of cultural audacity, Vento Novo even had its coloured polycopied editions, which outlived the L.13 L.13 deluxe edition in A3 layout, which appeared in 1973 - a promising publication of more serious writers, which soon left School on their way to University.

PDF - 5,6MB   Vento Novo Nº 5 - Ano 3 - 1972/73 - 32 páginas

PDF - 1,7MB   Vento Novo Nº 6 - Ano 4 - 1973 - 16 páginas

  The gang

At the beginning of the year, there was always the freshman reception with a trial, where it was better to confess, than to be punished! The crown had to be borne, contrasting with the wavy and sweaty long air. The always guilty 'beasts' suffered painful punishments, like sweeping the girls' yard - this was not at all the easiest one. The senior student's opening spree used to take place, always with great splendour, at the Hunters' Club or at the Portuguese Youth Residence and there was always party until late. The Secondary School couldn't miss to always be present at the Carnival parades. In 1973 there were numerous allegorical cars and a subtle homage to the VCC's space conquest (amongst others) with a rocket on a tractor. It is said, that the freshman initiation rituals of this school were validated by the University of Coimbra.

  Pictures of the Meetings at the Gunpowder Factory  
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August 2004 pictures by Paulo Marques and those from November 2003 are by Frederico Sá Pinto.
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Translated by Ana Catarina Pires