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Praia Morena Beach

Sprinkled with life, the City glows from the flamboyant trees and rests over Morena beach's fine sand. It is a magical place, with a special charm, where the sun meets the fresh breeze, carrying away our thoughts in the soothing movement of the waves. The Casuarinas still offer their shade to the young people seated on the walls and the pergola, until now a Queen, wins back its bougainvillaea crown. The diving board is an old memory of laughs and shouting, a delight almost forgotten by the older people. The sunset, in a full coloured sky and with the Sombreiro upon the sea is always a surprising sight.

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The Fishing Amateur's Club, also known as the "aircraft carrier of Morena beach" is a two floor building with bathhouses and a small restaurant in the ground-level.
In the first floor there used to be a big hall used as a restaurant, dance-hall and exhibition-room.
The second floor was the Club-house - restricted to members. After many years of abandon, it was finally restored in the end of 2001.

Caotinha, Baía Azul and Baía Farta

12 km southwards there is the Baía das Vacas, where Cerveira Pereira coasted anchor. After this, just cross Caota, climb the slope and look ahead to see the Caotinha and its little inlets. To get to the Praia do Sombreiro you have to take the Caota's road, turn the first right, and continue until the end of the rutty road. Then, follow along the small stream and cross the clayed mounts. The main road continues, until the Baia Azul - which has once again tourism services and may soon have rehabilitated infrastructures. Continuing this journey, you get to Baia Farta, where the region's main fisheries are based.

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Updated October 19th, 2008. The pictures from June 2002 are by Mila Araújo and those from September 2002 were taken by António Pina Ferreira from Babaera. Pictures from June 2004 by Pedro Cardoso and those from August 2005 were by José Cardoso. Those from August 2004 and September 2008 were taken by Frederico Sá Pinto.
Greetings for all.

Translated by Ana Catarina Pires